Supporting you through
Pregnancy and Birth

Revolutionary Intentions birth and lactation support was created to facilitate a positive experience through one of the most important times of our lives, the journey into parenthood. 

  With an emphasis on evidence based practices balanced with a holistic approach to birth, I believe there is no right way to birth, there is only your way. I have a passion to encourage women to find their voice and receive whatever birthing experience they desire. A birth doula is an advocate for families but especially childbearing people who are looking to find empowerment through the transformative process of childbirth.



For the hospital birth and for the home birth alike, my job and dedication is working to provide you with the experience you desire to have. To have someone, who will not judge, will not persuade and will not replace anyone else's role in the birthing process, is a therapeutic tool that every family deserves. My intentions are revolutionary; to give childbearing people the power back, in regards to birthing experiences, something that culturally has been lost over the years. With accurate information, unconditional emotional support and reassurance, you can have a birth that leaves you feeling positive.

  I embrace families from all walks of life, and offer accessible sliding scale rates and payment plans when needed.

"Alex is amazing at what she does. I was unsure if I wanted/needed a Doula with my first pregnancy and delivery. However, after meeting and talking to her I knew she would be so helpful during the birth. She is so incredibly knowledgeable about all things birth and baby related and will go out of the way to do extra research on anything that comes up. She helped me through emotional and stressful times leading up to my daughter birth. She was a irreplaceable part of my support team during a long and rough 36 hour induction and delivery that made us throw all plans out the window. She also was wonderful the few weeks after birth when we were having problems with breastfeeding. My boyfriend and I are so grateful for all the support she provided for both of us in welcoming our daughter into this world." -Aubra J.

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Telephone: 253 579 9552

Revolutionary Intentions

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